Orthodontia Emergency Care Is Available

If you have an orthodontia emergency, call us at 1-800-SAY-SMILE (800-729-7645), or the office where your treatment is being provided.

We reserve time each day specifically for emergency patients, so the sooner you contact us, the faster we can evaluate the urgency of the problem and schedule an appointment if it’s needed. Remember, a simple loose bracket isn’t cause for an emergency visit. You can just wait until your next scheduled visit unless you’re uncomfortable or feel the need to be seen sooner.

Your comfort is our number one concern.

Orthodontia patients of record have Dr. Sal’s home phone number, so if you feel it’s important or necessary call him at home. The office numbers and Dr. Sal’s home number were provided on a small sticky label which should be put on your refrigerator so it’ll be easy to find if you need it.

Did you knock off one of your brackets?

If one of your brackets breaks or becomes loose, first, remember that you aren’t an orthodontist! Don’t try to bend or twist it back into place because you could make problems worse and increase your pain level by doing so. If you wish, you can call the office where you’re treated and let us know what happened. You won’t have to make a special trip as we never replace the bracket until it’s determined to be necessary and appropriate.

If one of your brackets breaks while you’re out of town, check out this article on our blog. It’ll give you a few at-home emergency fixes and advise you on whether or not you should go to the emergency room for your orthodontia issue. And remember, always call us at 1-800-SAY-SMILE (800-729-7645) if you feel uncomfortable or something just doesn’t feel right.

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