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What to Do if an Orthodontic Bracket Comes Loose

Posted by Dr. Sal on 6/19/14 8:14 AM

loose orthodontic bracketDental emergencies happen at the worst of times. You are out of town on vacation, it's a long holiday weekend, or your orthodontist is out of the office for a day. So, you have an orthodontic bracket that's loose. What do you do now? There are a few steps you can take to minimize this emergency and get yourself through until you can get an appointment. 

Don't Play Orthodontist With a Damaged Orthodontic Bracket! 

The first thing to remember is that you are not an orthodontist. You go to the orthodontist for his or her expertise. Don't try to bend, twist, remove or change anything in your mouth. Digging around and trying to modify problems can make them worse. And don't have a friend or family member go exploring in your mouth in an attempt to fix the problem. Do-It-Yourself projects are great in many instances, but not when it comes to your mouth. This can cause you increased pain and a higher bill once you do get into the orthodontist for an appointment. 

At-Home Emergency Fixes 

It's important to refrain from eating foods that could do more damage. Stick to liquids and try to avoid using the side of your mouth that is having the issue. You don't want to knock anything else loose while you wait to see your orthodontist. If your orthodontist gave you dental wax, you may want to put some on the protruding hardware to keep it from rubbing your skin raw while you wait. 

Emergency Room 

If the problem is severe and a bracket has come off taking other hardware with it, you may want to go into the local emergency room. This is not an ideal fix as they don't have a dentist or orthodontist on staff, but if the hardware is posing a choking or puncture hazard or is otherwise a threat, you have to do what you have to do. Get into the ER, let them do what they can, and then get into your dentist or orthodontist immediately once they open. 

See a Dentist 

If you can't get in to see your orthodontist within a day or two, find a local dentist and get an appointment. While dentists do not have the same training in orthodontia that orthodontists do, they can usually repair an orthodontic bracket or make a quick fix to help you get through to your appointment with your orthodontist. 

Get an Appointment with Your Orthodontist 

This is imperative and the ultimate goal when you have an orthodontic bracket come loose or become damaged. Get in to your orthodontist, or if you are out of town, see a local orthodontist where you are to get your orthodontic bracket repaired right away. 

If you are having problems with a broken or damaged orthodontic bracket, we can help. Give us a call and we will set you up with an appointment as quickly as possible. You can get the repairs you need for your braces and move on with your life.



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