Meet the Say Smile Super Patients

Meet Nick Lacaillade

Posted by The Say Smile Team on September 5, 2014 at 1:49 PM

Nick Lacaillade is a fine young man of 16 and visits us in our Claremont office.

What Makes Nick a Super Patient?

  • Nick has a wonderfully positive attitude! He is always polite, courteous and interested in others. He always expresses his appreciation for our efforts and thanks us after each appointment.
  • Nick makes orthodontic treatment a priority and never skips his appointments.
  • Nick takes advantage of our free toothbrush program* and makes sure to clean his teeth thoroughly before each office visit.

What Dr. Sal Says about Nick

Nick is a fine gentleman. We have interesting conversations about his progress in sports and school. His orthodontic treatment is progressing extremely well and is on schedule. It is our privilege and good fortune to have Nick and his family as part of our growing orthodontic family.

Learning from Nick’s Example

Nick makes his orthodontia a priority and it shows! Clean teeth and dedication to keeping his appointments has kept his progress on track.

Way to go, Nick! We can’t wait to reveal that beautiful smile.

* Our office provides a new toothbrush for our patients or any family member that would like one.

Are you ready to become a Super Patient? Request an appointment to get started. If you are already a patient and one of Dr. Sal’s Pals, tell us about your experience.


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About the Say Smile Super Patient Awards

When you’re wearing braces, it can be tough to follow all the rules, make time for your appointments, and stay cheery even when your teeth may be a little sore. We applaud the patients who put in the extra time and effort to make the most of their treatment by bestowing the Super Patient award.

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