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How Much Do Braces Cost?

Posted by Dr. Sal on 4/9/14 11:22 AM

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How to Determine Eligibility for Orthodontic Treatment through Medicaid in New Hampshire

Posted by Dr. Sal on 1/27/14 10:35 AM

There are three easy steps for figuring out eligibility: meeting general requirements; financial requirements; and medical requirements.

Just because you’re a Medicaid patient in New Hampshire – or you’re applying for Medicaid –doesn’t rule you or your children out from receiving orthodontic treatment.

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5 Money Saving Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist

Posted by Dr. Sal on 7/23/13 10:42 AM

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Does dental insurance cover orthodontics?

Posted by George White on 5/29/12 8:46 PM

The cost for orthodontic treatment varies, as the needs of every patient are different. But no matter whether the cost for your care is a comfortable fit for your budget, or well outside of it, sooner or later you'll ask the question, "do I have orthodontics insurance?"

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