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Soft Foods for Braces: Thinking Outside the Box

Posted by Dr. Sal on 2/20/14 2:07 PM

When you first have your braces put on, your mouth is going to be sore for a few days and need some time to recover. During your treatment, you will have your braces tightened and adjusted every six to eight weeks. These visits can leave your mouth sore, and you may not feel like eating. Your orthodontist could even instruct you to take aspirin or ibuprofen before each visit and for some time after. You will also need to adjust your diet for at least day or two after each visit to allow your mouth time to recuperate. You don't have to stick to ice cream and water when you are dealing with your oral care; there are many soft foods for braces that are tasty and easy to prepare.

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How to Determine Eligibility for Orthodontic Treatment through Medicaid in New Hampshire

Posted by Dr. Sal on 1/27/14 10:35 AM

There are three easy steps for figuring out eligibility: meeting general requirements; financial requirements; and medical requirements.

Just because you’re a Medicaid patient in New Hampshire – or you’re applying for Medicaid –doesn’t rule you or your children out from receiving orthodontic treatment.

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Smile Your Way Through Your First Orthodontist Appointment

Posted by Dr. Sal on 1/13/14 10:03 AM

Learn about your treatment options, timeline, cost and more

Your dentist just recommended that you or one of your children have an initial orthodontist appointment. And you’re understandably a little nervous.

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How to Clean a Retainer and Make It Last for Life

Posted by Dr. Sal on 1/13/14 10:00 AM

Retainers are painless and relatively easy to wear, but they do require some basic maintenance to ensure they’re effective for as long as you need to wear one.

Congratulations, your orthodontist has just removed your braces. (Or maybe your kids finally had them taken off.)

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Breaking Down the Types of Braces for Adults Seeking Camouflaged Care

Posted by Dr. Sal on 12/16/13 3:01 PM

There are more options available for low-profile orthodontic treatment than ever before.

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Orthodontist or Dentist: Who’s Right to Fix Your Kid’s Bite?

Posted by Dr. Sal on 12/9/13 10:36 AM

There is a lot of confusion around the differences between dentists and orthodontists – and who your child should work with. Let’s clear it up.

They both come to work each day looking to make their patients’ smiles a bit bolder and brighter. They both can look at the bite marks on a No. 2 pencil and talk for 10 minutes about who did it – and what they ate for breakfast. And they both like to purchase cheeky vanity plates for their cars like, “DR2TH” and “55SPH.” (Yes, that’s 55 smiles per hours, and it really does exist.)

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Straight Teeth Provide More Than Just A Pretty Smile

Posted by Dr. Sal on 11/7/13 9:39 AM

Health benefits abound for adults seeking to straighten their smile

If your smile is a fixer-upper and you’re older than a teenager, you may have thought that it wasn’t worth your time or money to pursue straight teeth through orthodontic treatment.

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Teeth Straightening Options For Parents To Chew On

Posted by Dr. Sal on 10/29/13 11:45 AM

Orthodontists have a number of preventive and responsive treatments available to comfortably suit your children’s needs

There is some good news for parents who are looking into teeth straightening options for their children. Orthodontists have more options at their disposal when it comes to correcting jaw and teeth issues.

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A Quick Way for Parents to Determine the Cost of Orthodontics

Posted by Dr. Sal on 5/29/13 10:23 AM

Most parents looking to get braces for their children want the average cost of braces.  The reason why parents cannot find direct answers to orthodontic costs through online research is because costs depends on a variety of factors, including: 

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Braces

Posted by Dr. Sal on 5/23/13 10:09 AM

It is important to have a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth that can last a lifetime.  Whether you are considering braces to correct teeth, jaw or gum problems, or just to have a nicer smile, there are important things to understand before making a decision.

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