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Common Problems with Invisalign and Other Clear Aligners

Posted by Dr. Sal on 7/1/14 10:06 AM

Though braces have greatly gained popularity in the recent past, in days gone by, they were a thing to be avoided. No one wanted a mouth full of metal. Even now, braces aren't the first choice for many; nearly everyone wishes they were born with a mouth full of perfect, straight and white teeth. 

There are a few alternatives to traditional metal braces. Clear aligners like Invisalign and ClearCorrect are great for patients that have mild issues and teeth that are slightly crooked. These aligners are removable and most of the time, no one knows you have them. However, there are several problems with Invisalign and other clear aligners; use the following information to help you determine which solution is right for your needs. 

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Why You Need a Local Orthodontist When You Have Braces in College

Posted by Dr. Sal on 4/22/14 8:00 AM

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Three Important Reasons to Consider Braces as an Adult

Posted by Dr. Sal on 3/27/14 9:00 AM

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Get Straight Teeth at Any Age

Posted by Dr. Sal on 12/23/13 3:05 PM

The straight story on adult braces is that it’s likely a more popular phenomenon than you realized.

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Breaking Down the Types of Braces for Adults Seeking Camouflaged Care

Posted by Dr. Sal on 12/16/13 3:01 PM

There are more options available for low-profile orthodontic treatment than ever before.

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Straight Teeth Provide More Than Just A Pretty Smile

Posted by Dr. Sal on 11/7/13 9:39 AM

Health benefits abound for adults seeking to straighten their smile

If your smile is a fixer-upper and you’re older than a teenager, you may have thought that it wasn’t worth your time or money to pursue straight teeth through orthodontic treatment.

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Straightening Teeth Isn’t Just For Kids Anymore

Posted by Dr. Sal on 11/5/13 12:00 PM

More and more adults are finding the perfect smile through orthodontic treatment

When you think about someone sitting under the lamp of an orthodontist, you’re probably picturing a kid.

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How to Fix Your Smile Without Going Broke

Posted by Natalie Ripoli on 6/14/13 3:03 PM

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Other options for straightening teeth

Posted by George White on 5/24/12 7:16 AM

Braces are the go-to method for most teeth straightening challenges. Why? Because they work. New methods, materials, and innovations have changed the way that braces look and feel over the years. But no matter what form they take, braces are proven orthodontic technology that dates back almost 200 years.

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5 Reasons for Getting Braces for You or Your Child

Posted by George White on 5/9/12 8:55 PM

While most people think orthodontic treatment is done mostly for purely cosmetic benefits, there are several reasons why getting braces for straighter teeth might be important to the health and lifestyle of you or your child.

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