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Breaking Down the Types of Braces for Adults Seeking Camouflaged Care

Posted by Dr. Sal on 12/16/13 3:01 PM

There are more options available for low-profile orthodontic treatment than ever before.types of braces | orthodontics

These days, just because you’re an adult orthodontic patient doesn’t mean you need to have a railroad crossing sign placed in front of your mouth. 

Today there are many types of braces that balance your desire for effective tooth straightening with the idea that you don’t need everyone to know you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. There have never been more available low-profile orthodontic treatments, and each has their own pros and cons to weigh.

Ceramic Braces: Perfect for Pearly Whites

If your teeth have the “white” stuff and you’re a disciplined brusher and flossser, then ceramic braces may be right for you. Of all types of braces available, ceramic braces offer the best balance between concealing the hardware – their composite material is tooth-colored – and delivering fairly quick treatment due to their strength. One word of warning: if you smoke or drink coffee, your stained teeth may actually backfire by clashing with the ceramic brackets.

Sapphire Braces: Orthodontic Camouflage

This exotic-sounding option boasts many of the advantages of ceramic braces: strong bonding and a hidden, translucent look that’s superior even to its ceramic counterpart. Similar to the ceramic braces, sapphire braces are a poor option for those who have yellow or stained teeth.

Lingual Braces: Inside Out Orthodontics

Matching the color of your teeth to the color of your braces may not be enough for you. If you’re looking to completely mask your orthodontic treatment, you may consider lingual braces. Of all the types of braces available to adults, these, more than any other option, allow you to straighten your teeth in secret. The reason is that these braces are actually installed on the inside of your teeth, or in other words, on the reverse side of your teeth as all other braces. They may require a little extra time cleaning and be a tad more uncomfortable at first, but lingual braces offer clandestine treatment. Be sure to ask your orthodontist if he or she has experience installing this type of braces.

Clear Aligners: Nearly Invisible Oral Care

Technology continues to drive orthodontic innovation, and the most cutting-edge braces now available are known as “clear aligners,” the most popular brands of which are Clear Correct and Invisalign. These tailor-made orthodontic appliances are clear, plastic devices that fit completely over your teeth. They are replaced every few weeks and may cost a bit more than other types of braces, but the fact that they’re removable and hidden from the naked eye make them very popular among adult orthodontic patients.

If you’re one of a growing number of adults considering orthodontic treatment, the timing has never been better. There are more types of braces than ever before that can effectively straighten your teeth without letting the whole world know that you’re wearing them.

So, based on your needs, budget and other factors, what do you consider the best option for adult braces?

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