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Why You Need a Local Orthodontist When You Have Braces in College

Posted by Dr. Sal on 4/22/14 8:00 AM

braces in collegeMost patients love their orthodontist. You made the choice to find an orthodontist and pursue a beautiful smile, so you likely chose someone that you get along well with. If you are a student and you are wearing braces in college, you likely want to keep seeing the same orthodontist. However, you should really consider finding a local orthodontist to help you with the care and maintenance of your braces. This is even more important if you choose to attend a college or university that is more than an hour or two away from your hometown. Here are a few considerations you should keep in mind when you wear braces in college and are trying to decide whether to choose a local orthodontist. 

Routine Care and Maintenance for Braces in College 

When you wear braces, you usually have a maintenance appointment about every six weeks. During this appointment, your orthodontist will check and make sure all hardware is still properly attached, as well as ensure that nothing is broken. You will also likely have your braces tightened to help them bring your teeth closer into alignment. If you have special issues, these appointments may be more frequent. If you are attending college courses far away from your hometown, it's not feasible to go home every time you need to see the orthodontist. Having appointments with a local orthodontist will save you time and money. 

Emergencies with Your Braces in College 

If you have emergencies with your braces, such as broken or loose hardware, you most likely will not be able to go home to your hometown orthodontist for help. This is especially true if the emergency happens in the evening or on a weekend and you have to get to class or work on your regular schedule. You won't be able to take a couple of days off to go home to the orthodontist. Having a relationship with a local orthodontist will allow you to get treatment for an emergency in a timely manner so it doesn't become worse and blossom into a major problem. This will save you time, money, stress and a lot of pain.  

If you are wearing braces in college, you need the services of a local orthodontist to ensure that your treatment goes according to schedule and you don't have any issues along the way. It can be difficult to choose a local orthodontist, especially if you are new to the area and don't have any friends or family that can give you recommendations. However, if you go to school in New Hampshire or Vermont, you don't have to worry about your oral health; our offices are here to help. 

The practice has convenient hours so you can fit an appointment into your busy schedule. We also offer several payment options and accepts many dental insurance plans so you can afford to continue your treatment. Call today and schedule your first appointment, so you can have a patient and gentle orthodontist help you care for your braces while you pursue your education and plan for your future.

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